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Transforming Servants into Sons

Our Mission

Sonship School of the Firstborn is a ministry-minded school in the church, in the Pentecostal tradition that:

  • Integrates education and service through a worldwide network of extended studies programs, making Christian education available whenever, wherever.

  • Provides access for ministerial education and training.

  • Produces curricular materials for both classroom and external studies programs.

  • Serves the local church and Christian communities through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training.

The mission of Sonship School of the Firstborn is to take the good news of Jesus Christ throughout the world, using available media, curricula, consultation, and cooperation.

Our program is aimed at individual Christians, ministers of the Gospel, and local assemblies throughout the world. The emphasis of Sonship School of the Firstborn is not accreditation, but rather the certification of able ministers who have been equipped with sound doctrine, and are able to teach others what they have been taught. Thus, we teach, train and then entrust ministers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The overarching goal of Sonship School of the Firstborn is to impact our communities to the degree that people not only hear, but also see the Gospel animated in our very lives; and to become what Jesus said we would be—witnesses for Him.

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